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We believe in offering services that are pragmatic and robust that minimise cost, protect and enhance asset value and deliver the environmental and functional quality that is required.

We can provide complete or service specific professional and contractor solutions for land acquisition, site development, construction, site and estate management, refurbishment and disposal. We will listen to your requirements, consider the risks, limitations or opportunities and provide a proposal tailoring our service options to minimise cost and maximise the value of our engagement.

Our breadth of experience enables us to provide complete professional advisory, design and construction services or individual, services as determined to enhance your requirements.

Land & Property Acquisition

Purchasing land and property is an exciting venture however there are always risks associated with an investment that need to be appraised prior to purchase that may impact your plans for the site including insurance liabilities, security, boundary, party wall and third-party rights. We offer land and site risk assessments, site appraisals, implement and manage security enhancements to protect sites and properties from trespass and vandalism, party wall assessments, manage health and safety procedures, site investigations, site mapping and surveys.


Every development has a unique set of objectives, risks and environmental restrictions. We can provide a suite of services to support the site development team from design, party wall, planning, Temporary Works Co-ordinator/Supervisor, Principal Designer, Principal Contractor and Development Monitoring.

Estates & Portfolio Management

We understand the challenges of managing estates and portfolios, prioritising investment and maintenance activities, creating flexible designs, ensuring legislative compliance and security whilst maximising the impact of spend. We can offer survey, reactive and planned maintenance management, health and safety, design solutions, BIM management, manage planning and building regulation approvals, and contractor services tailored to your specific requirements.


Due to changing economic and business demands we understand refurbishments may require flexibility or mixed-use environments to future proof changing needs or expansion. We have extensive experience providing complete design and management services, contract administration services and construction services.

Individual Services


Contractor & Principal Contractor Services

We utilise our extensive design and construction professional services to provide an outstanding calibre of contractor services ensuring the management of onsite trades, co-ordination of building activities, programming and compliance with health and safety policies and procedures is exceeded. We pride ourselves on maintaining secure and safe construction sites and utilising our extensive network of subcontractor and trades to deliver high quality construction.


As a CHAS certified company we pride ourselves on our quality securing quality materials and workmanship and utilising local products and supply chain wherever possible.

Whether you need security upgrades to your properties, fencing, temporary works or refurbishment or development contractor services we will enhance your project through our combined professional and contractor experience.

Legislative Client Support

We have audited and restructured  many estates, developers and blue-chip companies and developed their processes and procedures to mitigate their risk under the Health Safety and Workplace Regulations 1992, Temporary Works BS5975, Party Wall Act 1996, Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, and the Construction (Design and Management Regulations) 2015. Through taking responsibility for the management of our clients’ pre-acquisition holdings of sites, we significantly reduce the risk of breach of these regulations through adopting industry recognised processes, procedures, management and delivery.

We can provide individual site specific advice and support or company management procedures to ensure compliance and minimise risk of construction delay, fines or prosecution.

Project Managers

All our staff our Members of the Association for Project Managers, and have actively managed contractors, subcontractors, sub consultants and staff for over 15 years. Our drive and passion to meet and exceed clients aspirations and programme delivery has driven our developments through simple yet effective programme management techniques. We foster relationships, longevity, and right first-time mentality from the outset which has forged our reputation in the industry for high quality services and long lasting, reliable services. Our risk management abilities and team focused approach enables us to achieve and exceed clients programme requirements whilst maintain budgets and quality.

Temporary Works

Co-ordinator/ Supervisor

As CITB accredited Temporary Works Co-ordinators we have extensive experience in assessing temporary works, structures, reporting, monitoring defects and managing rectification through the required registers. We can manage our clients'  obligations of compliance under BS 5975 to provide the temporary works coordinator role across construction sites, with the added benefit being able to provide Temporary Supervisor roles, for building fabric elements.

Building Pathology/ Surveys

We believe in ensuring that data capture and knowledge is correctly assimilated to provide maximum value to our clients. With over 30 years combined experience we have managed and undertaken bespoke complex condition survey appraisals to large national estate condition surveys.


Prior to every commission, we will vigorously appraise the required use and output of the data to ensure that the most suitable methodology, collection and output have been established.

Whether you want high level asset, estate or portfolio condition appraisal, or a detailed CAPEX or FM excel fed output, we can provide and deliver these services to minimise cost and maximise fabric knowledge.

We will identify, prioritise and manage all diagnostic surveys not limited to Structural, timber, asbestos, lead, brick/mortar testing, wall tie inspections and heritage assessments.

Design Services

Our team holds over 30 years of design experience ranging across commercial, education, health, residential, and local government sectors. We have a wealth of design, product and specification expertise. Ranging from small refurbishmen and maintenance designs to large scale  commissions we utilise our expertise to provide longevity, flexibility and quality to maximise the impact of our clients' investments.


We ensure temporary works, security provision and designs meet the required Building Regulation Standards, whilst also being fit for purpose in its required application. Our experience and qualifications demonstrate our competency as designers in accordance with the Construction (Design and Management) regulations 2015.

Services include, design, planning application drawings, building regulations submissions, tender design documentation and as built drawings.

Party Wall Advice

We have extensive experience in undertaking Party Wall services across Health, Education, Residential and Commercial sectors ranging from a £40m mixed use development site in Manchester through to complex residential and commercial developments. We can appraise a developments risk and liabilities in connection with the Party Wall 1996 etc. Act from the outset of acquisition, aiding the strategic planning and management of the risk to mitigate both financial, programme and cost.


Working closely with neighbouring land owners we foster good relationships to maximise cooperation throughout our clients development. 


Services include Schedules of Condition, Party Wall Surveyor and Party Wall Risk Appraisals. 

BIM Management

We have a RICS accredited BIM manager who is experienced in point cloud data collection. We can provide specification advice to ensure the suitability of survey data, measured or point cloud survey data is suitably collected to the required standards to ensure the maximum usability of the data. Sycamore Square Group can plan manage and coordinate measured surveys, drone surveys, 3D photographic surveys and land mapping as well as asset planning and developing maintenance management plans.

Cost Management

We provide cost management services including pre-tender estimates, budget cost plans, contractor valuations, contractor variation claims and final accounts. In addition through our extensive experience in planned and reactive maintenance plans we can provide full budget cost plans for buildings and estates to support the budget planning through appraising constrained budgets against asset priorities and applying risk based impact factors to tailor your budget. 

Temporary Works
Building Pathology
Party Wall
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